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Updated September 8, 2020

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Silver Ranch is a 1200 acre masterplanned community located in the northeast part of Bismarck, North Dakota.  The long-term vision for this community includes a cohesive mix of residential, commercial, office and public uses.  Silver Ranch includes 6 distinct neighborhoods, each having its own character.   Every neighborhood is built around a social amenity, or anchor, providing some form of service or entertainment to the immediate area.  Neighborhood anchors include an elementary school, a regional park, a community center, a private clubhouse, a retirement center, and a commercial shopping district or town center.

The masterplan was designed to be a walkable and pedestrian friendly environment.  Each neighborhood anchor was intentionally sited such that the neighborhoods around it are no more than a 5 minute walk away.  The comprehensive trail and greenspace system provides linkages throughout the development, connecting all of the individual neighborhoods.  Nearly 20% of the entire development is dedicated to public green and open space, ensuring that your family will have immediate access to the great outdoors.

Quality of Life

A Walkable + Bikeable Neighborhood

Silver Ranch promotes a healthy community through access to outdoor and indoor physical activities including a community center, parks and trails, as well as safe pedestrian and bicycle connectivity throughout the neighborhoods.

Land-Use Mix

Silver Ranch provides a dynamic mix of housing options for future residents. Residents will enjoy proximity to commercial, office, and mixed use land uses. An abundance of parks and greenspace is also featured.

Roadway Heirarchy

Silver Ranch strives to create a peaceful environment for residents by being mindful of traffic patterns and roadway heirarchy within the development.


Silver Ranch
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